Oct 10, 2015

Coursework Cross Post: Week 6: Working with Videos and Moving Images

Originally published to a blog maintained for the Rutgers course Web-Based Multimedia Design for Educators.

Task #1: Storyboarding your MMP
My site will be a self-paced digital workshop highlighting 5 Google Apps tools. I hope to use color to group similar type tools -- extensions, add-on, and apps.

The introduction page will include an overview and description of the tool types. This site does not have to be explored in a linear fashion. All information and media on a specific tool will be housed on a single page. A simple yet clear navigation will be visible on each page, allowing participants to move between topics based on interest.

A consistent font will be used throughout the site. Content will be organized on the page in a consistent manner: overview, how to install, how to access, demonstration, suggested classroom use, links for additional support/reading/inspiration. Media (images, videos, etc.) will have purpose.

Task #2: Concept in 60 Video
I have had Corel Video Studio installed on my laptop for over a year now. I thought this would be a great opportunity to finally figure out how to use it to make a video. It didn't take long for me to remember why I had been putting off using this tool -- there are so many features, options, and attributes. Even working with a premade template was more challenging than I expected. I accepted defeat in certain areas, but was able to maintain consistent transitions, group similar photos, and use the same font throughout.