Jan 25, 2016

Google Drive: Print a Batch of Documents

There is no doubt that the increased use of digital tools means a decreased use of printers. However there are times when reading student work on the screen is not practical, or doable, for teachers.

Below are steps for teachers who would like to print a large group of documents stored to Google Drive. Remember that all Classroom documents are stored in their own folder in Drive!

This process is somewhat cumbersome, but it accomplishes the task:
  1. Prep:
    • Make sure your default printer is the printer you would like these documents to go to.
    • Create a temporary folder on your desktop.
  2. In Drive:
    • Select the files to be printed. There are two ways to do this:
      • Select multiple documents by holding down the control key and clicking each file. Right click and choose download. 
      • Alternatively, open the folder containing the assignment. Click the down arrow next to the folder name and choose Download.
    • Selected files will download into a .zip file. Google Doc files will convert to MS Word.
  3. On the PC:
    • Open the downloaded .zip file.
    • Move the files in the zip folder to the temporary folder created on the desktop. (We can't print directly from a zip folder.)
    • Select all files in the temporary folder (Control-A), right click, choose print. Word will open, but you shouldn't see each file open -- files will just go to printer.

Do you know of a simpler way to accomplish this task? I would love to hear from you! Send me an email or tweet with your solution!