Feb 25, 2016

Auto-close a Google Form with formLimiter

formLimiter is a simple tool that performs a fantastic function: it allows teachers to automatically stop a Google Form from accepting new responses. This can be helpful in setting firm deadlines for responses, assignments, or registrations.

To install the Add-on (one time):
  1. Open a Google Form.
  2. Click the 3 dots to open the More menu.
  3. Choose Get Add-ons.
  4. Search for: formLimter
  5. Click the blue +Free button.
  6. Read through the Permissions, click blue Allow button.

To set an end date and time:
  1. Open the Google Form.
  2. Click the puzzle piece icon to see installed Add-ons.
  3. Choose formLimiter.
  4. Choose Set Limit. A pop up will appear in the lower right corner.
  5. Select date and time from the dropdown.
  6. Add the date at time at which the Form should close.
  7. Update the message text as needed.
  8. Click the blue Save and enable button.

There are other features that may be useful to some teachers: set a maximum number of individual form submissions to accept, or have that number tied to a cell in the response spreadsheet (perhaps a sum of total participants or volunteers). Visit the formLimter page on the New Visions site to learn more.