Feb 29, 2016

Cool Tool: Socrative

Socrative is a cloud-based student response system. It allows teachers to create simple quizzes that students can take quickly on laptops, tablets, or even personal devices. Socrative allows teachers to ask quick questions of students, receiving responses anonymously or attached to a name (no student account needed). Teachers can download or push reports to Drive that detail student responses. Socrative can be used as a formative assessment tool, Exit Ticket, quick review, or even to collect lunch orders. Only one quiz can be live at any given time, results can be displayed immediately on the screen. Quizzes can be saved and pulled up for immediate use.

Access Points
Teachers and students can add a direct link to Socrative by adding a Chrome bookmark (click the Star in the address bar).
  • Teachers: A free account is required to create, save, and publish a quiz. Teachers must be logged in to Google with their gtsd.net GAFE account to be able to use "Login with Google" options. 
  • Students: Students only need a code provided by the teacher to participate in a live quiz.

Tips for Success & Suggested Uses
  • Permanently change the name of your room to something simpler and more personal than the auto-generated code.
  • Create and save quizzes to use and reuse.
  • Finish a quiz and save responses before inviting the next class to participate, otherwise your scores and percentages will be mixed.
  • Add an image (animated gifs are supported!) as the prompt or to support a question.
  • Post a quiz at the start of a lesson to quickly ascertain student understanding. 
  • At end of lesson, post class response summary and discuss new understandings.
  • Create a teacher-led multi-question quiz to cover topics in a single lesson, pause instruction to check for understanding.
  • Enter explanatory text to help students better understand why an answer is correct or incorrect.
  • Invite students to reflect on a topic or lesson (exit ticket).
  • Invite students to collaboratively practice using Space Race.
  • Create a quiz to collect lunch orders.

General Overview
The folks at Socrative created this great guide to their product.