Feb 29, 2016

Google Forms: Go to specific page based on answer

Over the last few weeks I have seen renewed interest in Google Forms, hence all of the posts on this great tool! Today's question related to how to create a form that sends respondents to a specific section based on their response to a question. Some potential uses for this feature in the classroom:
  • Differentiate questions based on student ability or interest.
  • Gather information on a specific topic with questions tailored to specific groups.
  • Create (or have students create) a study guide where correct answers lead to the next question, incorrect answers lead to a hint and a retry.
  • Students can create a choose-your-adventure type story.

To have the form advance to a specific section based on response:
  1. Question type must be Multiple Choice or Dropdown.
  2. Click the 3 dots in lower right corner to open additional options.
  3. Choose Go to selection based on answer.
  4. A new column will appear, allowing you to choose section or submit form.

Consider how respondents will navigate the form. You may need to choose what happens after each section. The dropdown below each section will allow you to choose what should happen after respondents complete the section, submit the form or go to a specific page.

Below is a writing prompt selector designed after a childhood Fortune Teller game. The Form is comprised of thirteen sections: five that require a decision which lead to one of eight prompts.