Sep 12, 2016

Digital Citizenship: Password Security

This week's Digital Citizenship topic is Security, specifically password safety. We are reminding students and staff:
  • Choose a secure password; Strong Password Generator and DinoPass are easy to use password generators.
    • Teacher accounts have access to confidential data; don't be the weak link.
  • Passwords are private. No sharing with friends or classmates.
  • Keep written passwords secure; avoid post-its on the monitor, never write on the board.
  • Do not say passwords out loud.
  • Learn to type your username and password quickly.
  • Always logoff shared computers; lock personal computers when not in use.

We shared this graphic with staff:

At the elementary school, we have the P455w0rD Rap:

The middle school reminder includes a comic playing on the Rumplestiltskin's "secret" name: