Nov 7, 2016

On the School Sites: Election Day

Like many schools across the United States, our students have been exploring the presidential election process in their classrooms. Teachers have carefully navigated the news reports in order to keep the focus on media and political literacy. It was interesting to hear the older students discuss the challenge in differentiating news from gossip, and how all of that impacts their view on the candidates (and the election process).

Since the election takes place early in the week, our front page media is lighter on election, heavier on fun.

The elementary school site presents a retelling of a silly election story: Doreen Cronin's Duck for President (as retold by Miss Yumi).

Middle school students can bop along with Flocabulary's Presidential Election Process.

On Tuesday the middle school will have a mock election where the will cast a vote for President. Based on "population," each homeroom has been designated 1 or 2 electoral votes. Will the homeroom teachers follow the will of the students? Or will they vote for their preferred candidate?