Nov 16, 2016

Prodigy: Fantasy Math Game

Prodigy is a freemium interactive math tool that integrates game-based learning and teacher friendly management and reporting tools. Teacher and classroom accounts are completely free; parents have the option to upgrade to access non-essential/non academic game content.

Teachers may create student accounts, or students can create their own and join the class with a teacher provided code. Usernames and passwords are automatically generated -- a negative for districts that use standard logins. Students can access the games either through the website or the Chrome app.

Games allow students in grades 1-8 to play games and practice Common Core aligned content. The game interface reminds me of Nintendo DS games -- there is a dialog box at the bottom of each screen where Noot (a fairy like creature) guides the new Wizard (student) through the game. Limited reading is required, although the game is intuitive and easy to follow. Students can play through all skills at their own pace, or teachers may create assignments based on single or multiple skills. On screen tools such as pencils, counters, fractions, base blocks, and coins help students work through their response. Incorrect response result in hints that explain how to find the correct answer.

Students can interact with other players, although this is limited. Game names are completely different than real life names; no personal information is shared or shareable. Teachers can monitor progress and usage through several reports: weekly activity, standard coverage, topic coverage, student usage, and student progress.

Support is easily accessible and plentiful:
  • Zendesk powered Support links to common topics, an active community forum, and a support ticket for unique issues.
  • Resources page links to videos, upcoming webinars, presentations, and additional resources.
  • The Prodigy blog has great resources for implementing Prodigy and game-based learning in the classroom.
  • Browse play throughs at ProdigyGame YouTube channel.