Mar 27, 2018

Fake Update Screens

There is always one computer in the lab that insists on updating just as students are about to get to work. Most of the time this update runs quickly and creativity and learning can proceed. Other times it seems as though the computer is rebuilding itself from within, using every minute of the period or class.

Then there are the kids who enjoy pranks, or those choose to use their great digital skills to avoid classwork. April Fools is coming. Are you ready? and allow the user to make it seem as though their computer is installing updates (perpetually stuck at 0%). In a moment of desperation, the user can also make it appear as though a crash has just occurred (blue screen of death).  Geek Prank's Windows 10 Update is a little more sophisticated, it begins at 0% and slowly works its way through a very long update installation.

Quick way to check if this is real or a prank: All of these work through a browser in full screen mode. Simply press esc or F11 to return to windowed view. If that doesn't work, then it is very likely that the student is sharing your frustration with a slowly updating computer!