Jun 3, 2018

2017-2018 Media Center Summary

It has been an exciting and busy year in the Media Centers. The below infographic provides statistics and general program highlights. What this graphic doesn't show are the conversations students are having about what they explore, read, and create. Our students are curious and willing work hard to satisfy that curiosity. It has been a wonderful challenge to keep up with elementary student needs for wide and varied information sources. Middle school students have been careful in developing search strategies and choose resources, putting in to practice the evaluation skills they learned in elementary school.

All that said, I am most encouraged about the new Student Librarians at the middle school. Due in large part to the efforts of these students, the middle school LMC has seen a tremendous increase in activity. This crew promoted the library through morning podcasts, lunch announcements, posters, and general word of mouth. While academic checkouts still ranked highest, fiction (especially historical fiction) saw a large jump in circulation. We are already planning how to use this momentum to further develop a community of readers next school year.