Sep 24, 2018

Brick Builders Club: First Meeting

Today we held the first meeting of our elementary brick builders club.  It is the first of its kind for me, the school, and many of the students. All of the students have some experience building, some have only used sets with specialized pieces.

While it is my intention that this will be a fun social time, I also have learning goals for each student:
  • investigate problems and find possible solutions
  • practice collaboration and communication skills
  • adopt a growth mindset, view failure as a form of information gathering 
  • develop an understanding of how parts work together to create a whole 
We will work toward these goals through themed building challenges, collaborative games, and free builds.

With this in mind, our first meeting was all about getting to know one another's building history and preferences, establishing club rules to ensure fair play and fun, and diving into the bins holding our 15,000 bricks!

Club Rules

Before jumping into building, we discussed the club rules (borrowed from the fantastic Lego Librarian blog):
  • Respect the space. No running or jumping to other tables, work at your space on your piece. We will have time each meeting to view each other's creations!
  • Respect others. Everyone shares and helps each other out.  Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Respect yourself. Stay positive.  We don’t compete with or put down other club members; we build for fun.
  • Respect the bricks. Bricks are for building: not eating, throwing, going up noses.  We all help during cleanup. Bricks stay at school; we don't bring our personal bricks from home.

First Challenge

Inspired by a Soul Pancake Brick X Brick video, I challenged the club to design an object or structure using a limited set of materials (bag of 15 bricks). While each student had their own bag, they were encouraged to help one another with suggestions and encouragement. Once completed we shared our creations with the rest of the club, describing what it is, and answering questions from fellow students.


Our final activity of the day was to make nameplates. Using 5x10 base plates and bricks of our own choosing we spelled out our names. These nameplates will be used to identify our creations during weekly progress photos which will be shared with families.