Oct 5, 2018

SpiceWorks Help Desk

This year the GTSD EdTech support team changed how we manage tech requests. Instead of an overworked Google Form and associated Spreadsheet, we now use Spiceworks Helpdesk. This free resource has helped our small team to better coordinate tech support and more quickly solve our colleague's tech related issues. There are many features that go with this tool, but these are the ones that we have found most helpful:
  • Completely web based, completely free
  • Mobile app so we can add, view, and edit tickets while on the go
  • Simple ticket submission process for users that allows file attachments
  • Generates an automatic email to the user; replies autoupdate the ticket in the system
  • Easy to use, nonclutterd management view for technicians and admins
  • Automatically assigns the ticket to the appropriate edtech team member based on category
  • Creates a living record of the tech request, including all communications (user and internal)
  • Allows edtech to combine similar tickets
  • Canned responses keep us from typing certain phrases repeatedly; especially helpful with requests for further information
  • Produces basic reports, allows data export for more rigourous analysis

From August 28 through September 28 we received 121 tickets. First response time averages at about 4.5 hours; it takes an average of 3 days to close a ticket. This includes everything from the quick account issue to the not so quick interactive board failures/replacements. Every September I feel like I spend a lot of time on account issues, now I have the data to back up that feeling!

So what can we do wtih this data? Right now we are planning to:
  1. Evaluate response times. Down technology means a disurpted classroom (and not necessarily in the good kind of disruption). Are there "easy fixes" where we were slow to respond? Can we better group similar reports for more efficient responses?
  2. Identify potential training topics based on the types of issues a 21st century teacher can self trouble-shoot and/or fix.
  3. Look at the types of issues that are reported, especially at the start of the school year, and identify potential weaknesses in the summer technology cleanup program.

So GTSD colleagues: If your tech isn't working, if you are having account issues, if your software is missing or acting weird, that's a T3. If you submit something that doesn't fall under EdTech, we will forward it immediately to the person who can help you out.